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“By helping kids to fall in love with reading, we make it possible for them to grow and expand their horizons. Access to great books is the key to making that happen.”

—Dr. Pedro Noguera

Writer, speaker, well-respected educator, Dr. Pedro Noguera has partnered with American Reading Company to create independent reading collections hand-selected from the best fiction, non-fiction, and poetry available on the publishing market.

These 50-book collections honor all students by affirming diverse voices, identities, and experiences through a variety of formats and genres. The contributions of both historically underrepresented figures and the changemakers of today are celebrated. Enduring literary classics and current bestsellers for students in grades K-8 are offered in these independent reading collections.

The Best Books by Dr. Pedro Noguera independent reading collections will help educators across the country spread Dr. Noguera’s vision for engagement and excellence for all students.

To learn more about the Best Books by Dr. Pedro Noguera at each grade band, we've created a visual guide which includes representative titles.

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Dr. Pedro NogueraARC Academic Advisory Council Member
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Early Elementary
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Intermediate Elementary
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Middle School