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Extend learning into summer with immersive, content-rich, user-friendly resources that can be integrated into any learning environment. Utilize federal funding to support opportunities for knowledge-building and accelerated reading growth in your community.

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High-Dosage Tutoring

Summer Semester

Summer Semester is an English Language Arts curriculum specifically designed to provide grade level rigor and build knowledge. This flexible, experiential curriculum allows for creative implementation. Supportive resources ensure ease of use for instructors. Content can be delivered in a traditional classroom, local community center, or outside in nature. With Summer Semester, students will become:

  • Experts on a topic of their choice through daily research
  • Avid readers through engaging independent reading
  • Authors as they edit, revise, and publish their own informational text
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Watch It in Action

Learn more about how ARC Summer Semester creates independent, engaged learners whose final projects showcase both content knowledge and ELA skills.

Additional Resources for Summer Tutoring

Learn Anywhere

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Grab & Go Packs

Ensure students can continue learning and building knowledge about the world at home, during summer months. Perfect for all learners, including multilingual learners, students receiving special education, and those with limited or no internet access. Available for Grades PreK–8 in English and Grades PreK–5 in Spanish.

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Research Quests

Includes four-week knowledge-building units with corresponding eLibraries, designed for both synchronous and asynchronous learning environments. Available for Grades K–5 in English and Spanish.

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Take-Home Kits

Allow students to self-select their summer reading books in order to reduce screen time and combat summer slide and unfinished learning. Available for Grades K–12 in English, Spanish, and bilingual kits.

Make Summer Learning Easy with SchoolPace Connect®

An enhanced platform for ELA/SLA content delivery for Grades K–5 that integrates seamlessly with any existing district Learning Management System.Requires a SchoolPace Connect Subscription

SchoolPace Connect for Students

SchoolPace Connect ensures every student receives instruction tailored to their needs.

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Independent Reviews & Results

Our instructional materials and professional learning services underwent a thorough review process by a national team of experts from EdReports and Rivet Education. ARC Core is backed by research, additional independent state reviews, and implementation results across the country.

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