From High-Quality Curriculum to High-Performing Systems

Partner with American Reading Company to implement a Literacy Operating System that puts high-quality curriculum, leadership learning, and a sustained commitment to academic success for every student at its core.

If we want to make the education system better, we could try to concoct the perfect intervention—the new curriculum, the new model—and hope for the best. Or we could [choose a] solution that's equipped with so many built-in feedback loops that it can't help but get better over time. The second option is the one that systems thinkers would endorse.

Dan Heath

Use data every day to predict end-of-year results.

Nurture one coherent system from classroom to boardroom.

Year 1
ImplementEstablish a high-quality implementation of ARC Core across all classrooms.
  • Literacy Operating System Year 1
Year 2
RefineUse the science of improvement to refine implementation.
  • Literacy Operating System Year 2
Year 3
ScaleScale refinements systemwide to ensure success for all students.
  • Literacy Operating System Year 3
Year 4
NurtureNurture a culture of collaborative innovation that uses data to drive dramatic results.
  • Literacy Operating System Year 4
Year 5
InnovateSustain an innovative, high-performing system of continuous improvement.
  • Literacy Operating System Year 5
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