ACTION 100 Serves as Pattern for Reading Success in Minnesota

In just a few months, American Reading Company’s ACTION 100 has already become part of the fabric at Chatfield Elementary School in Minnesota, where students from PreK to Grade 6 are surrounded not only by books they can read and want to read, but also by teachers, administration, and families who actively support and encourage the process. Kids meet individually with their teachers weekly for assessment and guidance; they read for 30 minutes at school each day, and the joint effort continues seamlessly at home, where students read for 30 minutes more and explore their thoughts with their home coaches using the framework’s Skills Cards. "Each child doesn't just have one teacher that is concerned about his or her progress, but a whole school of administration, teachers, support personnel in the classroom, the Reading Research teachers, and parents who all want to help every child succeed this year," says teacher Elissa Johnsrud. "We have already seen great progress in student growth and have only been tracking growth for a month.”

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