All Green for High School! ARC Core Is the First ELA Curriculum to Meet All Requirements K–12 in EdReports Independent Review

Of the 32 programs that have been reviewed so far by EdReports, ARC Core is the first and only ELA curriculum to receive an All Green (meets all the criteria) review for Grades K–12. Like Consumer Reports, EdReports enlists a team of experts to analyze materials based on their alignment to standards, text quality and complexity, building of knowledge with texts, and usability. Districts across the country use EdReports reviews when making curriculum decisions. Complete reports are available at

ARC Core is a basal alternative designed to shift educators from teaching texts to teaching the standards, while placing students and their individual needs at the center of instruction. The learning process is restructured so that evidence of student learning drives decision making in the classroom. The result is teachers who know their students, students who know themselves, and teachers and students who are partners in the learning process.

Organized into thematic research units and built on access to high-quality, authentic literature, ARC Core embodies the intellectual work of a diverse body of education luminaries, including Jeffrey Wilhelm, Richard Allington, Pedro Noguera, and Alma Flor Ada.

"In an industry that still privileges big basal companies, it is so exciting to have EdReports recognize that ARC Core offers a high-quality alternative to the status quo," says Jane Hileman, founder and CEO of American Reading Company and co-author of ARC Core.

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