American Reading Company Is “Go-To Source” for Districts Seeking Customized Text Sets for Swift Implementation of Common Core State Standards

For over a decade, American Reading Company has sourced the best books available on the market from more than 250 publishers to provide state-of-the-art, leveled classroom libraries to schools participating in the company’s programs. Today, districts from across the country – including Chicago, New York, and Washington, D.C. – are turning to American Reading Company for leveled text sets to support the swift and integrated implementation of their district curricula and the recently approved Common Core State Standards.

According to President Al Struzinski, “We’ve always offered this type of customized service to our existing customers, but we are now experiencing tremendous demand from new districts seeking our expertise in leveled book collections that support just about every curriculum requirement you can imagine across the content areas.”

American Reading Company’s status as an emerging leader in leveled, customized text sets can be attributed to the breadth and depth of the company’s expertise in children’s literature (drawing from a database of more than 87,000 hand-leveled titles) as well as its unique leveling system, which is built on the Common Core State Standards.

“Leveled text sets ensure that every student, regardless of reading level, can access grade-level Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts content,” explained Gina Cline, Director of Program Development. “We study a district’s curriculum and standards in great depth. We consult with the district leadership to develop a vision of how the materials will need to work in the classrooms. Then we collect the best books from every publisher and select the best of these – books that are high-interest and offer multiple perspectives – for each unit of a district’s curriculum.”

American Reading Company has also gained traction with its ACTION 100 school transformation model, also built on the Common Core State Standards, to jump-start low-performing schools in their move toward accelerated and continuous academic achievement. “It’s a very exciting time at our company,” said Mr. Struzinski. “We just wrapped up yet another record year in sales, and I’m confident we will see continued growth in our core and ancillary product lines.”

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