American Reading Company presents $5,000 scholarship to Emilio Garcia

On May 22, American Reading Company hosted key leaders from across the country to hear Dr. Pedro Noguera and other noted panelists discuss the national crisis around educating young African American and Latino males. After a full day of focused discussion, Jane Hileman, CEO of American Reading Company, presented a $5,000 scholarship to Emilio Garcia, one of the day’s featured panelists.

Mr. Garcia is a recent graduate of the School District of Philadelphia, where during his distinguished academic career he served as City-Wide Student Government President. When asked if he felt pressure from other boys of color for acting “white” and striving academically, he responded that he didn’t pay too much attention because he was focused on the expectations held by his family for him, not on what others felt. He shared that one of his earliest reading experiences was reading to his grandfather, who was blind.

His grace, composure, and earnestness provided clarity about and inspiration for what can happen with a focus on educating young men of color. Emilio will enter Penn State University this fall with his book allowance intact for the next four years.

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