As Districts Are Looking for Spanish Parity, American Reading Company Releases a Comprehensive Spanish Curriculum for K-5

American Reading Company is proud to announce its Comprehensive Core Curriculum, K-5, in Spanish. Now students across the country are researching and writing books they want to write, on topics they chose, all while developing academic proficiency in Spanish.

Written and developed by native Spanish-speaking literacy experts and bilingual educators, the American Reading Company's Comprehensive Spanish Core Curriculum:

  • Uses authentic literature and only the highest quality, rigorously screened translations.

  • Reflects the specific developmental sequence of learning to read in Spanish.

  • Integrates Spanish Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies in the literacy block.

  • Supports teachers as they shift their practice from “Stand & Deliver” to creating active learning communities.

  • Works for all students, struggling readers to gifted & talented, in the same classroom.

Educators across the country are seeking parity for children learning in Spanish. ARC’s Research Labs Core Curriculum is a needed addition that fills a deeply felt gap in the K-12 curriculum market.

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