Budding Authors in Texas

San Benito CISD has successfully implemented American Reading Company's Summer Semester, helping students to read like detectives and write like reporters--skills that improve academic vocabulary, background knowledge, and test preparedness and proficiency. Leadership, teachers, and students alike are raving about the experience.

Come the regular school year, the district will add the IRLA and its Spanish counterpart, the Evaluación del nivel independiente de lectura (ENIL), to its arsenal of frameworks, ensuring that students continue to blossom!

The framework serves as an essential diagnostic and formative assessment tool, enabling teachers to establish a baseline reading level and outline a course of remediation, acceleration, or maintenance for each child.

“All activities were hands on. We have seen a tremendous growth in the students, not only in their reading ability but also in their confidence,” Molina proudly explains.

“They’re loving the books that they’re reading, so therefore, they want to read all the time,” she adds.

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