Flat Stanley Makes an Appearance at American Reading Company

We would like to say thank you to Miss Collins and her Kindergartners for sending Flat Stanley to visit us! They are using ARC's Core Curriculum in their class this year. We are happy to announce 86% of the class is on or above grade level!

To help them keep up their great work, we sent Flat Stanley back with some great books! Take a look at Stanley’s day with our letter and photos we sent back to Miss Collins. Dear Ms. Collins and Her Kindergarten Class, We really enjoyed getting to spend some time with Stanley and show him around our office. He got to see our warehouse FULL of books and learn how our library designers put together the collections for classrooms just like yours—he even had time to read a few of our favorite titles. He visited our publishing department and got a behind the scenes look at how our ARC Press books go from a design on our computer screen to an actual book in your classroom library. Our video team let him direct our next video; I have to say, he has a real talent for production! He was also introduced to Victor, Belle, and Zuma, our Canine Consultants. Stanley got to meet all of the people who write the lessons you teach in class every day. He even went to work with our IT department to learn how to make video games and computer programs. Stanley also got to meet the youngest members of American Reading Company in our company nursery. They learned Spanish together and enjoyed some well-deserved nap time. All in all, I think Stanley really learned a lot during his time at American Reading Company. He is very smart and has a lot of great ideas. I think he would make a great CEO of his own company when he grows up. Thank you again for sending Stanley to visit us. He brought back some gifts for your class. We hope you like them! Sincerely, Jane Hileman

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