Four Steps to Implementing An Effective Summer Reading Program

Four Steps to Implementing An Effective Summer Reading Program

Here are four steps toward making your school's summer reading program both beneficial and fun:

1. Ensure Students Read Knowledge-Building Books

Research studies have shown that students' reading comprehension is grounded in their knowledge of the world. Science and social studies are the two main avenues for building knowledge, and because these topics are interesting, students readily read independently.

2. Use Summer Programming to Build Students' Competence and Confidence

It's instrumental that teachers provide grade-level instruction that is appropriately rigorous and differentiated support that effectively meets the needs of all students. Through the use of a formative assessment tool, teachers can determine where a student is, why, and the sequence of skills/behaviors needed to accelerate students' reading growth.

3. Support Teachers in Personalizing the Program

Harvard research study revealed that summer reading programs are more effective when teachers personalize reading programs for their students. Teachers foster the students' love of reading and are familiar with their interests and reading goals.

4. Find Ways to Include the Family

Getting family members engaged can motivate students to read more. Parents and guardians can institute family reading time, take trips to the library, and find creative ways to celebrate the completion of a book. Encouraging summer reading for students of all ages begins with making a plan for what students will read, providing interesting topics, and devising ways for families to motivate and celebrate success. ARC's Summer Semester not only does this but also helps students become:

  • Experts on a topic of their choice through daily research.

  • Avid readers through engaging independent reading & teacher coaching.

  • Authors as they edit, revise, and publish their own informational text.

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