A Teacher’s Gift

We are passionate about our work to ensure that school districts, school leadership, teachers, students, and families have all the tools and information they need to get every child reading on grade level or above. That work is done with a laser focus on the rigor and support necessary for students to meet standards of performance across the country, and we’ve seen time and again how school cultures have changed and test scores have improved through use of 100 BOOK CHALLENGE, ACTION 100, SUMMER SEMESTER, and our other cutting-edge solutions.

We never lose sight of the sheer joy to be found in reading, and it fuels our passion for what we do, so Tennessee Kindergarten teacher Elizabeth Hall’s blog post is the buzz at the office today. Thank you, Elizabeth, for your enthusiasm as you cultivate the love of reading in your classroom and at your school, and thank you for sharing your post with us!

Read the full story - Better than Christmas morning!

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