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We recently received this wonderful email:

“Several years ago I introduced American Reading Company to [a school in] NJ. I was excited to share the success I had seen with 100 BOOK CHALLENGE in Philadelphia with them. We now live in Seoul, Korea, and my kids are attending international schools, and still I have not seen yet a better beginning reading program for students. “I am going to introduce the concepts of the 100BC program to the administrators of our early education and lower schools. I am focusing on why as a parent I feel 100BC is valuable and has created successful readers out of the children I have seen. As I was putting together my small presentation, I was wondering if you had any slides that may be more data-driven. Maybe something about the earlier a child learns to read independently the better reader/more enjoyable reading is?”

Thank you, Kimberly L.; we hope your presentation went well and that the slides we sent helped you to share the success you’ve seen with 100 BOOK CHALLENGE!

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