Perfect Score for ARC's Foundational Skills Toolkit on IMET Review

American Reading Company’s IRLA Foundational Skills Toolkit has been approved, with the highest possible score, by the Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE). The LDOE review used the Instructional Materials Evaluation Tool (IMET) for evaluating alignment to the Common Core Standards. A nationally respected tool, the IMET was created by Student Achievement Partners, Achieve the Core, Council of Chief State School Officers, and the Council of Great City Schools.

Using the IMET, LDOE granted ARC’s IRLA Foundational Skills Toolkit a Tier I status. A Tier I status means the program exemplifies quality, meets all non-negotiable criteria, and scores the best possible on all indicators of superior quality. ARC’s IRLA Foundational Skills Toolkit is the only small-group resource to receive this grade. The LDOE independent review also gave ARC’s IRLA Foundational Skills Toolkit the highest possible marks for its balance between teacher-directed and student-centered experiences, superior quality, and cultural sensitivity. Read the full review here.

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