Remarkable Gains in MCA Performance for Reading Research Students: From 0% to 46% Met Standard

Since 2012, Chatfield Elementary School has been implementing ACTION 100, a multi-tiered school transformation model for grade-level reading and writing achievement. Students in preschool through sixth grade read 30 minutes at home and 30 minutes at school daily. Ongoing assessment continually matches the right instruction and the right books to every child. With a system of instructional feedback loops, embedded professional development for teachers, and a parent support framework, each student makes adequate or accelerated yearly progress.

Chatfield Elementary School was awarded the Alternative Delivery of Specialized Instructional Services (ADSIS) Grant in order to accelerate students who were not yet reading at grade level, or "Reading Research" students. These were the students scoring in the bottom 10–15% schoolwide on the MCA for reading. Beginning in 2013–14, the school used the grant to implement American Reading Company's RESEARCH LABS®, science and social studies content-based literacy instruction. As a result, those students received an additional hour of reading integrated within traditional science and social studies classes. Teachers utilized RESEARCH LABS to provide rigorous and engaging instruction designed to teach ELA CCRs, science and social studies content, and academic vocabulary. Leveled libraries of informational text and a carefully structured project-based learning format provided the differentiated support needed to ensure that every student was successful.

In 2012–2013:

  • 0% Met/Exceeded the Standard

  • 18% Tested Partially Proficient

In 2014–2015:

  • 46% Met/Exceeded the Standard (ADSIS goal is 25%)

  • 42% Tested Partially Proficient

Chatfield Elementary and ACTION 100 in the News:

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