Take Your ARC Bookshelf With You!

Our recently released ARC Bookshelf app makes it fun and easy for parents and kids to read together. The books available have been written and designed to act like training wheels on a bike, and our award-winning leveling system―used in thousands of schools nationwide―supports children every step of the way in becoming successful independent readers.

Nothing is a substitute for a parent sitting down with their child to read together at least 10 minutes every day, but today’s technology can make that easy to do anywhere. Word on the cyberstreets is spreading fast—today ARC Bookshelf is a featured app over at iHeartThisApp and The Appy Ladies. If you aren’t carrying your own ARC Bookshelf around with you yet, you’ll want to get it now; your free account grants you access to 12 free eBooks—6 in English and 6 in Spanish—so your family can get a taste of what kids are devouring across the country!

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